We need watchful eyes of security cameras

When I grew up in a predominantly Italian and Irish neighborhood in East Boston, there was little need for security cameras since we all knew our neighbors and they all knew us. Our eyes and their eyes were the cameras of that time. The problem today is that many people do not know, and maybe do not care to know, their neighbors. We must be more alert to separate the bad guys from the good guys.

Maybe now we can get over our obsession with fearing BIG BROTHER. There is a definite need for more photo IDs and increased camera and video surveillance. The Tsarnaev brothers, suspected perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings, might still be at large were it not for the video that pinpointed their movements and actions.

We have developed proven security options. Let’s use them to the fullest, and try to avoid any more tragedies like the one experienced at our beloved MARATHON.

Robert F. Lovezzola