Rosary should not be used as symbol to critique church

When readers who are not Catholic or who are disaffected Catholics see David M. Shribman’s review of Michael D’Antonio’s “Mortal Sins,” they are likely to view the accompanying photo of the rosary as a message that this deeply meaningful and powerful Catholic meditation is connected with, or even a cause of, the sexual abuse crisis in the church (“Hidden crimes, crisis of faith,” Books, April 21). Critiquing the Catholic Church should not be a vehicle for discriminating against the Catholic faith.

Would an article arguing that Joe Paterno covered up Jerry Sandusky’s horrific crimes against children be accompanied by a picture of the important texts used to educate students at Penn State?

Catholicism teaches that God is love. We Catholics pray the rosary to meditate on that love, through the intercession of the Mother of Christ. The rosary is a symbol of love. Whoever uses it as anything else is a false teacher.

Patricia McCarron

North Andover