Obama lets down the little guy with selective sequester relief

I am spitting mad over President Obama’s cave in to the moneyed class (“Air traffic controllers set to return to the job,” April 27) with his agreement to end air traffic controller furloughs imposed by the ill-conceived sequester.

The furloughs were a bad idea, and I think it’s terrific that the controllers are working again. However, I am deeply disappointed that the president didn’t show the courage to use the pain of slower air travel as leverage with Congress to propose legislation that would ease the hardship felt by the more disadvantaged in sequester-mandated cuts to Head Start, nutrition, housing, and unemployment programs.

As time goes along, and more cuts demanded by the sequester start showing up, will he have the courage to stand up to the inevitable clamor from Republicans to shift mandatory defense and other cuts to the backs of the hungry, under-educated, frail, and elderly?


Will our delightfully personable president have the courage to lead in the fight for the little guy?

Peter Dimond

West Newton