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    letters | a sense of the senate campaign

    Let’s not rig this popularity contest

    For how long will the media continue to trot out adjectives like “fresh-faced,” “attractive,” and “self-made” to describe Gabriel Gomez, the Republican nominee for Senate, and modifiers like “insider” and “tired” to describe Democrat Edward Markey? Meanwhile, Markey’s supporters, like me and the countless young and old voters who are enthusiastic about the candidate, are dismissed as “the party establishment.” If this kind of insulting and biased language is used in purportedly objective news articles, Gomez will not need to pay for ads.

    How about considering another set of adjectives for Representative Markey: “stalwart” on women’s issues and the environment as well as on gay rights. Markey bucked both Democrats and Republicans in opposing the homophobic Defense of Marriage Act when President Clinton supported it.

    How about “dedicated” and “popular” with his constituents, whom he has loyally served both individually and collectively?


    And for the record, Markey came from a hard-working Malden family, and worked to help put himself through college. He too is “self-made.”

    Susan Jhirad