US must stay out of Syria’s civil war

RE “SYRIAN rebels dominated by Islamists” (Page A2, April 28): It is inconceivable that President Obama and his administration could consider involving this country in another civil war in the Middle East. Have we learned nothing from Iraq and Afghanistan? It is pure madness to spend another trillion or two after what has been wasted in those two countries.

The alleged use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime should not be our business when, as the Globe stated on Sunday, “Syrian rebels are dominated by Islamists” who despise the West but will accept money and weapons (as did our former friends in Afghanistan when they fought our proxy war against the Soviets).

I implore our politicians, along with our newly appointed secretary of state, John Kerry, to give serious thought and consideration before we make any commitment whatsoever in the Syrian civil war. This country can no longer be the world’s policeman when the problems facing our own country are so critical.

John J. Grimes