Letters | Senate race heats up

Are we going to fall for story over substance?

Gabriel Gomez seems to claim the aura of struggling immigrant’s son turned stunning success story by dint of aspiration, unrelenting hard work, and outstanding achievement in every endeavor undertaken, from Navy Seal to Harvard MBA and beyond. But the facts indicate simply that his father’s managerial position was transferred to the United States from Colombia, and that Gomez had a regular middle-class upbringing. Great success, yes, but not to be confused with starting out from the lowest rung on the ladder.

Haven’t we already heard from a fresh-faced politician in recent years who promised to build bridges and work across the aisle, but who didn't? Do we have to jump through the hoop again of voting for the jacket someone wears or the truck they drive, or their supposed aw-shucks, up-from-the-bootstraps biography?

This is Massachusetts; we’re supposed to know better.

Sharon Cronan