Imagining outcome of Marathon bomb attempt in Israel

As I read the Globe’s comprehensive recap of the events surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing (“102 hours in pursuit,” Page A1, April 28), I fantasized about a different outcome on Patriots Day. If the suspects had attempted their murderous assault in Israel, a different outcome would have been likely.

In Israel, from a young age, people are schooled to avoid any left objects in the street or other public places. Had the accused dropped their lethal backpacks or bags in a crowd in Israel, it is likely that someone would have immediately shouted, in Hebrew, “Left article!” The crowd would have been herded away, and authorities alerted.

Someone would likely have noticed the bombing suspects, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, leaving the packages, and many people would have pursued them and tackled them.


Our intelligence services are valuable in many ways and stop some would-be assailants. However, we in America, England, Spain, and other countries must assume some of the responsibility for our own safety and incorporate the Israeli mindset into our daily activities in public. It becomes second nature.

Karen Andres

Newton Centre