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    letters | controversy over umass

    A shame to use hideous act to score political points against university

    It’s a stretch for Joan Vennochi to use the Boston Marathon bombings to undermine a push for funding for the University of Massachusetts. In her May 9 op-ed column “Tsarnaev probe bad timing for UMass,” Vennochi suggests that, because one of the alleged terrorists attended UMass Dartmouth and seems to have been allowed to stay on despite having a large bill, all of the students and faculty in the UMass system may suffer.

    The 50/50 investments passed by the House go just part of the way toward reversing a 31 percent cut in funding for the five-campus university over the past decade. These investments will generate necessary funds to make our university system that much better while holding down the tuition and fees for our students, who have been burdened with growing debt.

    What a shame it would be were anyone to use one suspect of a hideous act to score a political attack against the 70,000 students who attend our Commonwealth’s public university.

    Max Page


    The writer, a professor of architecture and history, is director of historic preservation initiatives at UMass.