While parents told touching stories of their children’s activities at charter schools at last week’s hearing before the Legislature’s Education Committee, the fact that charter schools do not serve all Massachusetts students was also hammered home (“Charter advocates want cap removed,” Metro, May 8). That we face not an achievement gap but an opportunity gap was made clear when the researcher from Stanford University conceded that the pro-charter report of the school’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes does not control for parent influence.

An involved parent, such as one who carefully selects a school, makes an unmatched difference in a child’s life, and it is misleading for a school of choice to take credit for that boost. To continue to publicly fund a special class of school that is not held accountable for how it treats students, does not pass a public budget, and does not admit all students is outrageous.

The Commonwealth cannot afford this. We must place a moratorium on charter school expansion.

Tracy O’Connell Novick


The writer is a member of the Worcester School Committee.