letters | o’malley to boycott BC graduation

Cardinal ought to adopt more peaceful stance

RE “O’MALLEY says he’ll boycott BC graduation” (Page A1, May 11): Last month, Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley sat among a diverse group of Boston clergy and before a congregation of thousands, including President Obama and other dignitaries, at an ecumenical service for the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy. Millions watched as speaker after speaker offered eloquent words of compassion, hope, brotherhood and sisterhood for a strong city and its people. All had been invited to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, the cardinal’s own church.

Many in the congregation and in the sanctuary held views differing from those of the cardinal and the Catholic Church. How strange it seems that O’Malley now boycotts the Boston College commencement ceremony because the speaker, Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, is supporting a bill designed to protect the life of women in danger. Wouldn’t it be more in concert with the teachings of Vatican II on ecumenism for the cardinal to attend as a gesture of support for Ireland’s progress toward peace in recent years? Perhaps O’Malley could wear his Franciscan habit, as he did at the cathedral ceremony, as a more subtle sign of the church’s concern over abortion.

The Catholic Action League has chosen a militant approach to those with whom it disagrees. With all due respect, the cardinal archbishop of Boston should adopt a more peaceful stance.

Thomas D. Corrigan

Farmington, Conn.