letters | o’malley to boycott bc graduation

Catholic leaders should fix own house before imposing moral authority on others

Congratulations to Boston College for NOT rescinding its invitation to Prime Minister Enda Kenny of Ireland despite Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley’s decision to withdraw from the graduation ceremony (“O’Malley says he’ll boycott BC graduation,” Page A1, May 11). As a 1964 BC graduate, I am continually proud of the university’s Jesuit, Catholic traditions, and feel that C. J. Doyle, of the Catholic Action League, does not speak for the majority of BC grads when he says that O’Malley will “perhaps contribute to the reform of that institution.”

O’Malley and the rest of the American bishops should refrain from telling Catholic colleges and univerities who they can or cannot invite to their graduations, and should concentrate on their own inner issues. When they see fit to list and dismiss from their ranks all those bishops and other hierachy involved in the disgraceful transfer and cover-up of pedophile priests, then perhaps they may regain some of their moral authority.

However one feels about abortion — and there is a great range of opinion among Catholics — a university should be able to invite whomever it pleases, and the bishops should fix their own house first.


Congratulations to the BC graduating class.

Eileen McLaughlin