Schools, state lag in process of certifying stylists

I am writing in regard to your May 15 Business article on for-profit trade schools (“A costly lesson”). Hair stylist Lenny Holtzman is spot-on when he says that beauty schools don’t provide enough skills to its graduates.

The Massachusetts state government is partly at fault for its skimpy requirements for hair stylist certification. Beauty schools are merely providing the bare educational minimum to enable students to pass the state test, which is a joke, as I can certify firsthand. I was my daughter’s “model” when she took her state board exam in November.

To demonstrate her cutting skills, for example, my daughter only needed to snip a small section of my hair. Likewise, the blow-drying test did not require her to blow-dry all of my hair, just a part of it.


How can the state certify a hair stylist on the basis of such a shoddy exam? My daughter now has a job as an apprentice at a hair salon in Newton, where she must learn all the skills that weren’t provided for her in school.

Kathy Gleason