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Mayor’s energy law provides vital data

I am in contact almost daily with those who bear the burden of pollution on our power grid, who have difficulty paying their bills, and who live in questionable housing stock. Aside from a lack of access to capital and power, these residents of the Commonwealth suffer from a lack of access to essential information. Mayor Menino’s building energy ordinance, which passed overwhelmingly thanks to progressive leadership in City Council, is one key tool for providing this information (“Boston energy, water use law approved,” Business, May 9). Tenants have a right to know the state of their homes, to know whether they will be cold in winter and pay high bills or whether they would benefit from services such as weatherization that manifest the vibrancy of the growing green economy. This encourages owners to move toward sustainable property management. Transparency in our energy sector is a step forward for social equity.

Joel Wool

Campaign organizer

Clean Water Action