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    Don’t overlook effects of free-trade pacts in charting jobs’ downward trend

    John E. Sununu’s explanation of why the American workforce is shrinking is sorely lacking, thus making his argument that the Affordable Care Act will make matters worse spurious at best (“US workforce continues to dwindle,” Op-ed, May 13). Missing from his argument is any mention of the US free-trade and pro-globalization policies that resulted in millions of American jobs moving overseas.

    Perhaps this glaring omission was intentional, particularly when taken in the context of Sununu’s own role in job-killing bills such as the Central American Free Trade Agreement, fast-track trade authority, and nearly a dozen other free-trade bills that he championed and voted into law during his one-term tenure as US senator from 2003 to 2009. Rather than try to blame President Obama for killing jobs, perhaps Sununu should look in the mirror instead.

    Mike Peckar

    West Boylston