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    Morning-after pill scenarios are heartbreaking — and compelling

    As a mother, it breaks my heart when I think of middle school girls going alone to a pharmacy to obtain Plan B medication to deal with the results of unprotected intercourse. I understand how loving parents would want to be there for their daughter to help her through this difficult experience. Unfortunately, many girls may find it difficult to confide in their parents within a two- or three-day time frame. Once that time elapses, a pregnancy may result, and the decisions will be far more difficult and painful.

    In addition, we must think of girls who do not have good and loving parents. Some parents beat their daughters; some fathers rape their daughters while mothers remain in denial. Of course, we hope that these girls will eventually disclose what is happening to them and get the protection that they need; however, the situation would be far more complicated if a girl is bearing her father’s child.

    I would love to live in a world where children did not have intercourse or, at the very least, felt safe enough to promptly turn to their parents for help if there is a risk of unintended pregnancy. Since we do not live in that world, I will borrow from Winston Churchill’s comment on democracy: Plan B is the worst possible solution, except for all the others.

    Jacqueline L. Melick