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Crash data report benefits from academic, municipal partnership

I applaud the city’s ongoing and coordinated efforts to make urban cycling safer. Behind the report highlighted in the article “With crash data, city tries to make bicycling safer” (Page A1, May 15) is another effort for which the city should be commended: its commitment to academic-municipal research partnerships.

Boston is rich in smart, committed graduate students eager to make a difference. Pairing these students — in the case of the bicycle report, Harvard University graduate student Dahianna Lopez — with city departments that are equally committed, but chronically short on the time and resources to do the kind of synthetic work the bicycle report represents, is a win-win.

The city is wise to promote these partnerships, and local universities should, in turn, support them enthusiastically.

Deborah Azrael

Director of research

Harvard Injury Control

Research Center

Harvard School of

Public Health