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    Letters | Race for the Senate

    He’ll take Markey’s ‘old-fashioned’ resolve over Gomez’s flip-flops

    I can’t argue with Scot Lehigh when he’s right. He suggests that Gabriel Gomez represents “sensible centrism” and Ed Markey represents “old-fashioned . . . liberalism (“Gomez’s goal — sensible centrism,” Op-ed, May 22). You bet.

    For 30 years Markey has fought for women’s right to choose and for pay parity, fought the National Rifle Association to ban assault weapons, fought the auto industry to make cars more energy-efficient, fought against climate change and for clean air and water, and fought to protect our airports and ports from security lapses. If consistency is “old-fashioned,” so be it.

    Apparently new ideas and “sensible centrism” means sending a letter to Governor Patrick asking for an appointment to the US Senate, declaring support for President Obama’s agenda, and then running for the Senate calling for the repeal of Obamacare, opposing a ban on assault weapons, and aiming to protect the corporate tax loopholes that must be closed to close our deficit.


    There is a difference. It’s called flip-flopping vs. commitment.

    George Bachrach


    The writer is president of the Environmental League of Massachusetts, and is an adviser to the Markey campaign.