Yet another agency? That’s no solution


I read with great interest Joshua Miller’s article “Action urged on nuclear waste storage” (Metro, May 28). I agree fully with Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley and Senate President Therese Murray that the federal government has a responsibility to establish a nuclear waste repository. The federal government has had this responsibility for decades.

Having been in the power industry for more than 38 years, and as an independent voter, I find it insulting that politicians’ best solution is for a new plan to establish another federal agency, the Nuclear Waste Administration.


It took years and significant money for us to get to the point that a federal nuclear waste repository could, and should, have been built at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. But to help US Senator Harry Reid get reelected, the project apparently was rejected for political reasons by the Obama administration.

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Any future legislation to fix this problem must eliminate the ability for politicians to throw millions upon millions of dollars away to protect a political office.

I would be very interested in Coakley and Murray’s approach to getting this issue resolved, and not just by seeing another federal administration established.

David Patton

North Reading