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Letters | bicycle safety takes efforts of everyone

With the right skills, gear, and attitude, cycling is safe

Bicyclists and motorists maneuvered to share the road near Porter Square in Cambridge.Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe/File 2010

RE “AS crashes mount, city must get serious about bike safety” (Editorial, May 22): As someone who has been cycling to work from Roslindale to downtown Boston for more than a decade, and who grew up riding the streets of New York, I appreciate the increased attention we are seeing to bicycle safety. I do take issue, however, with the alarmist tone around this issue in the media, epitomized by the opening two sentences in your editorial: “Riding a bicycle in Boston should be safe. Right now, it’s not.”

I disagree. I feel safe on my bike every day. Yes, I would feel safer if drivers were more respectful and paid attention to the road instead of to their cellphone conversations. But I have found that I am able to compensate for that by remaining alert at all times to danger and by riding defensively.


With the right skills, the right attitude, and the right equipment (helmet, lights, reflectors, mirror, etc.), biking can be a safe way to get around Boston and just about anywhere else.

Joseph S. Lieber