We should not think for one minute that enforcing a sales tax for Internet purchases is a new tax. Quite the contrary, this growing and serious tax loophole needs to be closed.

I was heartened to see that the Globe agrees with this position, and I applaud the US Senate for recently passing a bill that would give state and local governments the ability to collect taxes rightfully due on online sales (“Internet sales tax is fair, and easy to implement,” Editorial, May 28).

The editorial notes how the two arguments against such a tax are archaic and not representative of the explosion of e-commerce in the past two decades.

The US House should follow the Senate’s lead. It is past time for Washington to allow states to pursue uncollected revenue and move our economy and tax system into the 21st century.


Jay R. Kaufman
State representative
Democrat of Lexington

The writer is House chairman of the Joint Committee on Revenue.