Electric car is no game-changer on CO2

Re “An electrifying ride” (Op-ed, May 21): An honest look at the overall carbon dioxide data for the Tesla, nationwide and year-round, tells a much more pessimistic tale than Tom Keane tries to conjure in his discussion of the all-electric vehicle.

Consumer Reports tells us that the Tesla gets a year-round average 200 miles per 85 kilowatt hour fill-up, and the US Energy Information Administration tells us that the electric system produces a nationwide average of 600 grams of carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour. The Tesla therefore produces 255 grams per mile of CO2. That makes this car the CO2 equivalent of a gasoline-powered car that gets 35 miles per gallon.

That’s an ineffectual improvement over our better conventional gasoline cars, and not nearly as good as existing hybrid technology.


If the Tesla intended to change the game on CO2, it failed. There is no justification for government subsidies of so lackluster a performer.

Ron Evett