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Obamacare’s bitter pill: inflated drug prices

As I read US Representative Michael Capuano’s description of Republican efforts to “undermine” health care reform (“Obamacare faces death by a thousand cuts,” Op-ed, May 29), my overall reaction was: Go Republicans! And I’m not a voter who normally supports anything Republican.

Capuano’s greatest fear seems to be that, “in the run-up to the next national election, Republicans will blame President Obama and congressional Democrats “for passing a bad law.” Phooey. I voted Democratic in the past two national elections, and I already blame Democrats for passing a bad law, Obamacare, under the guise of its being “health care reform.”

Health care reform will begin when Congress passes legislation that includes authority for the federal health care bureaucracy to use its broad purchasing power to negotiate vastly reduced prices for prescription drugs and medications used by Medicare and Medicaid patients. It is obscene that US citizens are required, by laws passed by our Congress, to pay inflated prices for pain relief and life-maintaining medications while the rest of the industrialized world’s governments are free to negotiate reduced prices for identical medications.


I don’t need Republicans to make me aware that Obamacare is bad legislation. The congressional Democrats have already done that.

Robert W. Bierig