Plan B is a safety net, so why fray it?

The headline of a May 26 letter asks, “With so many limits set for kids, why must we bend on Plan B?” Why? Because setting an age limit on Plan B is not setting a limit on risky behavior; it is setting a limit on the safety net that follows a risky behavior.

The so-called morning-after pill is more akin to the highly promoted safety nets of designated drivers and the no-questions-asked ride home after irresponsible drinking. As adults we are promoting these safety nets with the message that the first priority is safety, and that you can compensate for a bad decision by making the next a good one.

Plan B provides the option of a responsible decision to prevent a possible pregnancy that one is unprepared for. Teens in particular are unprepared to be parents, so it is in the best interest of all of us to prevent this.


The FDA had originally decided that Plan B is safe without age restrictions. So let’s think through the consequences here and focus on safety first. Let’s not put a limit on this safety net.

Elizabeth Munro