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Gomez’s stance on assault weapons is anything but a nonissue

In his June 12 op-ed column “Gomez steps up his game,” Scot Lehigh dismissed Republican Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez’s opposition to an assault weapons ban as irrelevant because the proposed ban is, in Lehigh’s words, “a proposal that really isn’t in play nationally right now.” Lehigh shouldn’t be playing apologist for Gomez’s unpopular positions. More important, Lehigh’s shortsighted defense misses the point.

A Washington Post/ABC poll from just two months ago shows that a majority of Americans support an assault weapons ban. The only reason that the measure isn’t in play is that Republicans in the Senate, all too cozy with the extremist National Rifle Association, filibustered the measure from moving forward.

If he is sent to the Senate, Gomez would side against the American people and with the NRA in opposing an assault weapons ban. Sending Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell another reliable Republican vote would not help realize this sensible, effective, and popular gun safety proposal.

Mathew Helman