Hub’s urban core is no place for casino

Re “Wynn’s casino boosts Everett; wider impacts must be tested” (Editorial, June 18): A casino anywhere in Boston’s urban core is a really bad idea. The plan Steve Wynn has put forth (smaller gambling space, luxury hotel and shops, waterfront access, etc.) is certainly more appealing than the glorified slot barn proposed for Suffolk Downs (small hotel with the third-largest gambling floor in North America).

But I hope the people of Everett see the light between now and the vote and realize that, when a casino comes to town, the house always wins (no matter what residents and small businesses are promised as mitigation).

With one of the strongest economies in the nation, thriving and progressive industries, low unemployment, and an already booming tourism industry, metro Boston does not need any casinos.


It’s not a done deal, as many assume, so let’s revisit as a community whether these predatory developments are right for our area. I maintain that they are not.

Steve Holt

East Boston