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Ginsburg shouldn’t bow to pressure to retire

As a 65-year-old lifelong liberal, I find Kent Greenfield’s “Why Justice Ginsburg should retire” (Op-ed, June 17) dismayingly typical of the pressure on old people to get out of the way and leave the world to the young. Rather than feeling obligated to retire “to avoid the risk of a Republican winning the opportunity to replace her,” Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should feel free to remain in her post as long as she continues to do the excellent job she has been doing.

Greenfield claims that “if we reach the end of [President Obama’s second] term without her retirement, it will be a victory for those who oppose everything she stands for.” But she stands for equality, and if she knuckles under to pressure to retire, it would be a victory for the inequality of ageism.

Felicia Nimue