In face of violence, where are parents?

RE “BOSTON’S gang wars, 2013” (Op-ed, June 20):

In discussing the problem of gang violence, it seems that no one wants to say the p-word: parents. Joan Vennochi quotes Governor Patrick’s shoulder-shrug of a comment on the “whole business about rebuilding community and rebuilding family” but she concludes only that “troubled schools turn out troubled kids.”

It is the other way around: troubled schools are filled with troubled kids, and even the best schools in the wealthiest communities have their share of kids with problems. Everyone acknowledges that parenting is the most challenging job any of us take on, no matter where we happen to be on the socioeconomic ladder.


While I do not discount the effects of poverty and the value of social-emotional learning for children, I have to ask: When will we recognize that parenting support and education should be made universally available and accessible to all adults raising children?

Eve Sullivan

Founder, Parents Forum