Madison Park Technical Vocational High School needs a new vision

IN HER response to the articles in the Globe about Madison Park Technical Vocational High School, Superintendent Carol R. Johnson showed she still doesn’t have a clue what the city’s only technical and trade school is about (“Madison Park is making progress,” Letters, June 22). In fact, she and the other powers that be are not even close.

Madison Park should be on par with Boston Latin School, Boston Latin Acadamy, and the O’Bryant School of Math and Science. In other words, it should be an honor and a privilege to attend, and entrance should be by exam — not by whatever standards are in use now. Anything less is an affront to all concerned, but especially to the students who actually want to learn a skill and trade, and their parents.

The new equipment and books Johnson mentioned in her letter are great, but only if used by young people who want to be there and have earned the privilege.

Mike Arnold

Savin Hill