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Any society that keeps up with the Kardashians is headed for big trouble

RE “ WE get it” (Editorial, June 22). The paradox of Kim Kardashian was noted: while she has no particular talent, she is nonetheless a celebrity.

However, she is certainly not the only holder of such a distinction. Jon and Kate Gosselin, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and various bachelors and bachelorettes are just a few of the others. News still even focuses on Richard Hatch, who was the winner of the original “Survivor” 13 years ago.

The more interesting paradox is why anyone cares about these individuals. While the answer to that question is multifaceted and complex, and goes way beyond the scope of this letter, what is clear is that when we as a society lose the distinction between people who are famous for their accomplishments as opposed to those whose biggest accomplishment is being famous, we are truly in big trouble. We deprive ourselves of learning about and emulating the thinkers and creative geniuses in our world who may be living, not in the media’s eye, but in the shadows.

Michael Levy