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    letters | Mass. elects a new senator

    An unimpressive victory for Ed Markey

    WELL, ALL hail senator-elect Edward J. Markey, who only needed the entire first-string of the national Democratic Party coming to campaign for him to defeat an unknown Republican opponent by 10 points (“Markey keeps party’s hold on Senate seat,” Page A1, June 26). Oh, that’s a mandate for sure!

    In 17 months, these dance cards will be open

    It was entirely the missteps of Gabriel Gomez that led to his defeat, not any deft performance by Markey.


    once again. I’m guessing that one of these dancers will have learned a few new steps, while the other awaits the next balletic lift by his surrogates — some of whom, with so many other elections happening at the same time, may find themselves otherwise occupied.

    Richard Gönci