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President right to act cautiously

RE “THE ‘let-it-burn’ strategy” (Op-ed, June 22):

I don’t think President Obama is using the “let it burn” strategy in response to Syria. I believe it’s more basic than that. He’s a compassionate man, and he sees the devastating loss of lives and horrible injuries of young men and women from the senseless war in Iraq and lingering war in Afghanistan.

Wise leaders have few illusions of entering a war and getting out quickly. It’s incredibly difficult to end any war, as Obama is trying to do now. Arming those fighting against their leaders is very questionable strategy when the rebels aren’t organized yet. Who do you send them to? History shows that the weapons can be used against us down the road, arming the rebels can quickly lead to troops on the ground, and taking an active side in this war agitates and accelerates activities of Syria’s allies.


I disagree that Obama’s waiting is a strategy to “let it burn” first. He’s showing wisdom by being cautious before stepping into another war.

Nancy Venezia