letters | should politicians shun william bulger?

Politicians can’t admit they were wrong

JEFF JACOBY hit the moral nail on the head with his column on how ashamed and embarrassed the political elite should be to have sidled up to William M. Bulger at last week’s funeral for a man of true integrity and morals, Paul Cellucci (“Political elite should shun Bill Bulger,” Op-ed, June 23). That Bulger was there at all was, indeed, repugnant to anyone decent and honest.

Jacoby summed it up best: “Why would anyone want to be seen with him?”

Answer: Because these aging politicos can’t admit that they were wrong to have kissed Bulger’s feet all those years on Beacon Hill, when he aided and abetted his murderous brother. Much of politics is driven by the ego. And the human ego is a dangerous instrument.

William D. Kickham