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    letters | learning from last week’s election

    Time to get rid of special elections

    I AGREE with the theme of Tom Keane’s column, “This match never lit” (Op-ed, June 25). But truly this special election was doomed from the start, because of the changes made to election laws in 2004 regarding Senate vacancies.

    Even as a Democrat, I have to say that changing the law to rob former governor Mitt Romney of a Senate appointment if John Kerry were elected president was nothing but petty partisanship. Changing it again in 2009 to allow a temporary appointment upon Senator Kennedy's passing was not a real fix, though it’s good not to leave the seat vacant while awaiting an election.

    The real way to address this problem, and stop burdening Massachusetts voters with seemingly endless electioneering, is to repeal the ’04 and ’09 changes. Should another Senate vacancy occur, allow the governor (whoever that may be) to appoint a replacement until the next general election, when voters are relatively engaged: every two years, in the fall.

    Adam Green