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To win, GOP must take us seriously

Cohasset residents lined up to vote last week.
David L. Ryan/Globe Staff
Cohasset residents lined up to vote last week.

RE “GOMEZ DEFEAT leaves a party searching for answers” (Metro, June 27) here are some suggestions for the Massachusetts Republicans as they grapple with how to turn around their fortunes around in the next election.

A horse with a leather GOP saddle will win 45 percent of the vote, but it might take a better candidate to win 50 percent plus 1.

While picking candidates based on attractiveness is fine for fashion magazines, political offices have more stringent requirements. To win, send people who have real issues to discuss and solutions to offer.


Scott Brown’s dismissive refrain of “the professor” in last year’s race against Elizabeth Warren and Gomez’s catchphrase “37 years” in his race against Ed Markey were signals the two candidates had nothing to say. Stoking electorate fears wears out quickly during a campaign. Stop treating us as if we’re stupid.

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Gomez’ career as a pilot and Navy SEAL gains him a few points for courage and endurance, but what were his positive goals? His declarations of how he would change the Senate were naive. The party leaders would have sidelined him just as quickly as they did Brown.

Arthur Thomas