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Without buffer, protesters would have free rein to harass women

A line marks the “buffer zone” outside a Boston clinic.
A line marks the “buffer zone” outside a Boston clinic.

RE “JUSTICES will examine state’s clinic buffer law” (Page A1, June 24):

I’d like to share my experience of going to Planned Parenthood in Boston with my sister. We were dropped off out front and the abortion protesters swarmed the car, trying to hand us brochures and pleading with us not to get an abortion.

We were there for a routine health matter, but explaining that was to no avail. When we stepped inside the buffer zone, which is clearly marked, they stayed behind the line, but continued to yell after us.


When we came out, it began again. This time one woman followed us around the corner to tell my sister she “needed help.”

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The claim that the protesters cannot get near people is ridiculous. They can and do.

I realize this is protected free speech, but if the Supreme Court strikes down the buffer law, the result would be chaos.

Erin Childs