On immigration, Warren blundered

Elizabeth Warren.
John Tlumacki/Globe staff/file
Elizabeth Warren.

ELIZABETH WARREN’S vote to support immigration reform is a betrayal of her supporters in at least two ways (“Senates passes immigration overhaul bill,” Page A2, June 28). First, the bill includes billion of dollars for more border guards, at a time when, supposedly, we need to cut food stamps. Billions for jobs in red states, bupkis for hungry kids.

Even worse, the bill loosens restrictions on the entry of high-tech workers, in order to lessen the supposed shortage of high-tech workers (a fake shortage manufactured by industry to avoid paying Americans a decent salary).

These skilled immigrants will compete directly for high-wage jobs in the biotech and computer fields — fields that currently employ many of the people who voted for Warren.


As far as I can tell, Warren might as well be a Republican.

Ezra S. Abrams