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Cars have overrun the landscape

Our urban streets, once dominated by people, are now dominated by cars. They line our avenues, our lanes, our courts, tracing a continual outline throughout every neighborhood in our city. And even this is not enough.

Cars are stored in ones, twos, and threes on what used to be our front lawns. They are given permanent shelter on valuable private property. And still this is not enough.

Relatively large areas of urban land are devoted, not to playgrounds or parks, but to cars efficiently packed in neatly ordered rows. Entire buildings serve, not as schools or apartments, but as more storage for cars stacked in layers many stories high. And, where above-ground space does not permit, cars are stored in vast underground automotive warrens beneath our city.

Cars, more than trees, more than buildings, more than people, have become the dominant feature of our urban landscape. Enough is enough.


Sam Christy