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Warning signs are not enough to protect cyclists from hazards

RE “Bumpy ride? Give cyclists a warning” (Metro, July 7): In her Starts & Stops column, Martine Powers’s proposed solution to bicyclist Anthony Beckwith’s encounter with an expansion joint between Stuart Street and Huntington Avenue was for officials to put up a warning sign. Like Beckwith, I, too, have been cycling around Boston for 40 years, and now that both the City of Boston and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation claim to be trying to make roads safer for all users, they should follow through and fix such obstacles.

The solution is not a warning sign, but rather a change in the roadway surface so that it is no longer a hazard. With more and more cyclists on the road, there will be more accidents caused by road features that don’t cause accidents for cars, trucks, or buses but can be deadly for people on two wheels.

Jessica Mink