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    letters | ruffling feathers over peta

    Easier to mock group’s tactics than to face brutality behind its cause

    Alex Beam’s comments about the work of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are all too typical and facile (“The PETA enthusiast,” Op-ed, July 11). It’s easy for him and others to mock the glam gals who pose naked in glossy ads to protest the fur industry. It’s easy to label some activists as extremists. But I wonder how fast his slick words would come if he were looking at the pictures of skinned-alive fox and mink and even dogs and cats (for use in faux fur) who are at the ugly heart of this so-called industry.

    How smooth would the rhetoric be if Beam were faced with the picture of a mother pig trying to reach her babies but unable to move in the crate in which she is confined for life? How able to toss a clever word at the sight of starving baby calves in veal crates, raised in darkness and never allowed to stand on the earth or see the sunshine?

    These images are the reality that PETA deals with every day. It’s easier by far for the public to mock PETA than to face the brutality that the group exposes and tries to change. That’s the hard part.

    Nancy O’Malley