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Commitment to cleanliness pays off downtown

Having read Jeff Jacoby’s July 24 op-ed “Don’t trash my city,” I believe I have found a kindred spirit. Having lived in Boston for many years, I’ve seen certain neighborhoods become overrun by litter, gum, and graffiti, not to mention some pretty dreadful smells, and I agree that it is disheartening when our fellow Bostonians don’t do more to pitch in.

But there is one neighborhood which is remarkably cleaner than ever: downtown Boston. From the edge of Government Center and the Financial District, past Downtown Crossing and the Theatre District, where I live, the area has undergone an amazing transformation. I know that this is thanks to the dozens of hard-working hospitality ambassadors employed by the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District, a privately funded nonprofit on whose advisory council I serve. Every day I see these dedicated employees tirelessly scrubbing graffiti, picking up litter, and washing down streets.

We all remember what downtown used to look like. But that's a distant memory thanks to the committed property and business owners who fund the Business Improvement District and this program.


I agree that our city has a ways to go when it comes to cleanliness, but with the progress I've seen in one of our signature neighborhoods, I'm optimistic.

Margaret Carr