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Kids stray from right path without parental guidance

Recently, I had to deal with an issue similar to, but far less serious than, the alleged bullying at Concord-Carlisle High School (“Where were the parents in bullying case?” Joanna Weiss, Op-ed, Aug. 10). But the same principles apply.

Some youth soccer players were doing exactly what they should not be doing at soccer practice, and were showing disrespect for their coaches and one another. When parents were confronted with the misbehavior of their charges, the responses were invariably that their little Johnny or Suzie can do no wrong. I am sure that, when asked, the children denied doing what they did.

All too often, parents seem to be too busy or self-absorbed to engage in one of the most fundamental elements of parenting: teaching their children to respect others. Many seem to have forgotten that there is a golden rule, and that it works very well to civilize our society.

Ben Myers