letters | state ties college funding to results

Struggling schools plunked into a vicious circle

Public higher education earned a major reinvestment from the Legislature and governor this year. But now comes the other shoe: implementation of a destructive performance-incentive approach to funding, the brainchild of Paul Grogan of the Boston Foundation, and Richard Freeland, commissioner of Higher Education (“College funding tied to results,” Page A1, Aug. 12).

So, if Berkshire Community College, the only community college west of Springfield, fails to achieve the graduation rate designated by the state Board of Higher Education, or fails to graduate enough math students, it would see its already low funding cut.

And how, precisely, would this help the college improve its graduation rate or its ability to graduate needed math majors?


It wouldn’t.

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This is right-wing ideology masked as educational reform.

Max Page


The writer is a professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst.