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    letters | a closer look at the ‘try god’ billboard

    Out of evil comes a greater good

    Dan Wasserman’s Aug. 16 editorial cartoon regarding 1060 AM’s “Try God” billboards asks: If there is a good God, why does he not eliminate the world’s problems?

    Evil and suffering did not originate from God. The book of Genesis explains that everything God made was good. To enjoy the perfection God created, human beings had to remain in harmony with God. But Adam and Eve’s sin ruptured the relationship and allowed evil, and thus suffering, to enter the world, precluding their descendants from ever living in the perfect world God had intended.

    In addition, some suffering is caused by the choices people make. Does God start wars? No, people do. Is religion to blame for war? No, some of the greatest mass murderers were irreligious. Could God prevent us from waging war? Yes, but that would make us robots, not human beings.


    As St. Augustine pointed out, God always uses evil to bring about a greater good. We cannot know all of God’s ways, but we can come to know him. He wants to help us with our pain and suffering in this life and lead us to eternal joy in the next. But our free wills must choose to “try God”.

    Zach Krajacic

    Vice president,

    marketing and

    public relations

    WQOM - 1060 AM