Beyond God and evil

Zach Krajacic’s Aug. 20 letter “Out of evil comes a greater good,” in defense of the “Try God’ billboards, expounds the usual pap that religion and belief in God are the only instruments for fighting evil. Tell that to those who think that their belief that they are God’s agent on earth gives them the license to do as they please. Animals, which aren’t religious, tend not to kill their own, which is a common criterion that defines evil.

To further bolster his argument for religion as a counter to evil, Krajacic says that “some of the greatest mass murderers were irreligious.” That mass murder, or any form of murder, is exclusively a result of not being religious is a presumptuous non sequitur. Hitler, a mass murderer if ever there was one, once confessed that he had fallen on his knees to thank Providence for allowing him to be born at a time most propitious for his being able to save society from corruption by its degenerates.

No, the answer to evil lies in the elimination of irrationality through education, not by the espousal of superstitious dogma.

Berge Tatian