By lagging on nuclear energy, we fiddle while fossil fuels burn

RE "NRC flouting law on Yucca proposal, court rules: Says agency must take action on Nevada waste site" (Page A2, Aug. 14): Yucca Mountain should be renamed "Yuks Mountain" because it is a bad joke that symbolizes our lack of commitment to mitigating climate change.

We should do everything possible to clear the way for the cleanest available electric power — nuclear — instead of playing the shell game known as cap and trade. While our federal government will refund us some of our tax dollars for reducing carbon emissions and stepping up solar and wind energy plants, these feel-good efforts cannot come close to the impact of the emission-free, 1,244 million watts of continuous power generated by Seabrook Power Station.


By failing to provide for the safe disposal of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, we fiddle while fossil fuels burn and impart more greenhouse gas to the atmosphere. If we are serious about climate change, we should follow France's example and expand our use of nuclear energy. We are as smart as the French, aren't we?

Joe Gibbons

The writer held positions in engineering and management in General Electric's power generation business for 15 years.