It’s voter ID laws that are fraudulent

I’ve seen many letters in the Globe that made me chuckle. Sean F. Flaherty’s Aug. 20 letter (“If right to vote is so precious, why be so lax in setting rules?”), in which he asserts that opponents of voter ID laws are motivated by “politics, not process,” takes the cake.

The incidence of voter fraud is tiny, almost nonexistent. The impact of voter fraud is zero. I consider voter ID laws themselves to be a fraud, initiated by conservatives who see the changing demographics and realize that their only hope for electoral victory is to disenfranchise as many poor people as possible, because they typically vote Democratic.

A number of high-ranking Republican officials have admitted this, usually in speeches to their own groups. Rarely has an attempt to subvert the Constitution been so blatant.


Supporters of voter ID laws have a right to push for them. But please, at least don’t insult our intelligence by saying the cause is motivated by high-minded ideals.

Sumner Blount