Consider a new approach to the speed trap

RE “CARDBOARD cutout: Fake cop, real drop in crime” (Editorial, Aug. 15): Your editorial considers the possible role of a cardboard cutout of a police officer in a dramatic decrease in bicycle theft at Alewife Station. The same approach could just as easily work on our highways.

When driving, all of us, speeding or not, slow down at the sight of a police car — not at the point where the car is parked, but where we see it first. Why not place durable, plastic, authentic, and entirely fake police cars on the highway while maintaining half of the current force of actual police patrol cars? Motorists would slow down, not knowing if it’s an actual officer or, as at Alewife, a “cutout.” This would continue to reduce speeding but would allow states or towns to reallocate officers to other areas of crime that need attention.

Jim Adams