Parents united in fighting for input in school policy decisions

The Aug. 18 opinion piece “For a longer school day, who sacrifices?” exposes a side of the discussion on extending the school day that is seldom heard: what parents think. We are grateful; our mission is to highlight the need for parental input in school-related policy decisions.

What we do not stand for is any division between parents on the basis of culture, race or, as Joanna Weiss’s op-ed column suggests, economic class. To frame our concerns about compulsory extended learning time, or ELT, as a concern of “middle-class” parents “organizing against ELT” reflects an editorial leap. Our group is made up of a growing number of parents; we make no inquiry into our members’ incomes.

We’re not organizing against ELT. We’re upholding our rights as parental decision-makers. We will not accept a policy that strips city parents of authority while declaring a one-size-fits-all approach for our children.


Our common conviction is that all Boston children must have access to quality afternoon care and enrichment, and all parents, regardless of income — in the city as in the suburbs — are entitled to decide whether and what sort of extended learning time is the right choice for our children.

Qanna Ramsey-Spencer


Naama Goldstein