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    letters | westfield state president under scrutiny

    Lavish spending and trustees’ lapses are outrageous

    Please allow me to express my outrage in regard to the lavish spending habits of Evan Dobelle, current president of Westfield State University (“Where spending limits are purely academic,” Page A1, Aug. 18). What is even more troubling is his apparent belief that we the public will accept the excuses he offers in his defense. Am I to believe that the $145,000 incurred in a Far East tour was designed to increase the international stature of a state school thousands of miles away, or that $10,000 for tickets to Tanglewood benefited the school in any meaningful way?

    Even more baffling is the decision of the board that recommended him as president in spite of his history of indulging in a lifestyle befitting a millionaire while president of the University of Hawaii. The trustees of Westfield State say that “he was the best candidate who was in front of us at that time” and that those who complain are acting like Monday morning quarterbacks. Put me on the board, and I will find a talented leader who does not believe that college funds are a piggy bank.

    Alan D. Hoch