Turn Olympics in Russia into a hug-athon

RE “FIRST faceoff of Sochi games: IOC v. Russia on anti-gay law” (Editorial, Aug. 19): So, Russia doesn’t want displays of affection between same-sex couples? Rubbish. My late husband, although a man of many words, had a favorite expression that was simple but wonderful: “The great thing about hugs is that one size fits all.”

How right he was. I love to hug and be hugged by my women friends, my men friends, and that, of course, includes my gay friends. I always feel warm and tingly when I am being hugged and even better hugging back.

So why not encourage ALL Olympians to hug each other whenever possible throughout the Games, more often than they might have had the Russians not put out their silly edicts. In fact, how about all those in attendance at the Games doing the same?


A hugging explosion might really confuse the Russians into mitigating their ridiculous anti-gay stand.

Jen Benzaquin